About Program

IIT Madras has been actively interacting with leading industries through R & D, consultancy projects and continuing educational programs. Several projects have been undertaken towards development of products and processes. Based on approval and guidelines of the Senate and the needs of Industries IIT Madras has come up with Web Enabled M.Tech programs with adequate opportunity for student and teacher interaction. Post-class interaction is facilitated by an effective course management platform. Candidates have to take approved core and elective courses of their choice and can complete the entire M.Tech program at their own pace. On completion of each course in a program, a certificate will be awarded. On finishing the required credits in different categories, the candidate will be eligible for a Master’s degree. The candidate has to also do a set of laboratory experiments and projects as defined by the curriculum. Academic rigour and Attendance requirements for this program are the same as for the M.Tech programme of the institute. Seven programs jointly worked out with industries by the concerned departments have been approved by the Senate. The details are given below. Admissions have been completed for the M.Tech (Automotive Technology), M.Tech (Master’s in Communications Engineering Systems), M.Tech (Master’s in Very Large Scale Integration(VLSI)) courses were started in 2017.

Orientation Video of New Batch stduents